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Doing main camera at #Stampede party central #Nashvillenorth #yyc #Calgary (at Calgary Stampede- Nashville North)

Been messing around with this stupid green screen for days.. By F’n George I think I finally have it! #indiefilm

My #Motörhead #skeletor shirts are in, you want one?
Bit.ly/MotorSkele #eternia #heman #motw

Kickstarter video for Lovecraft Gallery

Video blog posted! Check out the Kickstarter for Lovecraft Gallery I worked on

Had the pleasure of working with these two ladies for their kickstarter campaign for their artist gallery. It’s an incredible project, focused on independent artists, cultivating their craft in Calgary and helping them make it sustainable. If Calgary wants to grow as a cultural hub, it needs to encourage the growth of places like this.

Check out Lovecraft Gallery.

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Great shoot with some local arts supporters, talked about safety in the creative world #slatesforsarah #ripsarahjones #safetyfirst

Slates for Sarah #ripsarahjones #safetyfirst #slatesforsarah #abfilm #yycfilm #filmhustle #film

3rd Jam Night at Shoot-Me.ca

Video blog post from the 3rd Jam Night at Shoot-Me.ca

These are videos from the 3rd Jam night at Shoot-me.ca studios, what an incredible mix of musicians.. there was some rock, some R&B, some country and even some latin style bongos.. we’ve got some very talented musicians here in Calgary.

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Videos from Jam Night 2 at shoot-me.ca

Rock, Blues, R&B and all sorts of genre musicians came out to jam at shoot-me.ca studios.. very cool stuff. Check it out!

Upscale Entertainment Promo Video

Check out this promo #video I worked on for Upscale Entertainment #YYC #Music

Had the opportunity to work with these talented bunch of people. Oliver Miguel is part of Upscale Entertainment, a group of entertainers that provide live music for events, incredible range.. from Latin Orchestra, to R&B, pop, country, rock, great stuff!…

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Videos from Jam Night at Shoot-Me.ca Studio

Videos from Jam Night at Shoot-Me.ca Studios #YYCScene #Livemusic #SceneYYC #YYC

Had the opportunity to check out Shoot-Me.ca‘s studios last week, big green screen and they set up a stage and invited a variety of talented Calgary Musicians. Here’s what I got.

Featuring Sammy Jean, Fedele from The Rising, Jamil Ahmed and may more, it…

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